Web Design Process

Before you begin:

You will need to have Internet connectivity to correspond by e-mail and view the proofs. Some Internet connection services, such as WebTV and older AOL versions (3 and under), provide very limited technology capabilities and are not satisfactory.

The Web Development Consultation

How much does it cost?

Consultation time is free. Time is a valuable commodity to both our businesses so the practice of efficiency and preparedness is assumed to be recognized within reasonable limits.

What’s involved in a consultation?

A web development consultation usually consists of a predetermined face-to-face meeting where we discuss ideas, go over layouts, gather information, establish an image, discuss pricing options and ask and answer any questions that arise. There will most likely be more than one consultation. However, additional consultations can be done via email and phone conversations, all of which will be provided at the initial consultation.

What should you have ready for the consultation?

Any graphics you can provide (photos, logos, digital images, etc.) that will be incorporated into the site.
Any hard copy of the text to be typed into the site. If you provide your text on a disk please save it in any popular word processing format, email is fine. Text can be supplied at a later date if needed.
A filled out web design planning form. This will make it easier for us to understand your needs.
Any layout ideas, image or marketing considerations, web links of sites you admire, questions, etc.

What happens after the initial Consultation?

After the consultation, an estimate will then be drawn up for the cost of the site development and presented to the client. Once the estimate has been approved, the order process then begins. If you have everything we need for construction, we’ll begin development of your site. If not, we’ll await your information and begin on the design process.

The Order Process

A.) Package your proofed digital copy and your finalized art along with any hard copy or photos and if you are in the local Western North Carolina area we will pick it up. If not then you can mail the information to P.O. Box 371 Cashiers, NC 28717. We will review your information and contact you if we find any omissions or anticipate any problems. Once we have enough information to supply a first proof we will e-mail you the testing URL of your page or site. We will build the site with your supplied content. We will follow the text formatting of your original document when possible. During the process, we may contact you with suggestions about colors, alignment or other development issues. When completed, we will e-mail you the test address for your web site preview.

B.) Review your site map for accuracy and notify us if changes are needed. We will make any changes you request and repost your site for your second proof.

C.) Review your finished site and submit any changes. At this stage we should be close to finalizing so be sure to e-mail your feedback and ideas to us.

D.) Approve your finished site. Once you have approved your finished web site, we will mail you the invoice for the site development. This will match the options you have chosen and will include any new changes you have asked for. When we receive your payment, we will upload the finished web site to your chosen Web Server and submit the web site to the Internet search engines.

E.) Begin your marketing campaign to bring visitors to your web site. Your Web site is published and available to the entire Web population.

Occasionally, a Web site development project gets stalled due to overwhelming events on the part of the client. If we have submitted work for approval and receive no response within 30 days, we will label the account inactive and bill the client for the portion of work completed. When resources become more available to the client, the project can be resumed and taken to completion. If the lapsed time between the inactivity and the reactivity of the project is over six months, the current plan pricing will apply to the balance.