Web Design FAQ

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the URL address (Uniform Resource Locator) you type in the address bar to go to a particular site. For instance www.exposedimages.com.

How do I get a domain name?

You will need to search for and then register your unique name through a domain name service. Once purchased you will need to direct the DNS (Domain Name Server) to point to your hosting server.

TIP: It can be frustrating to come up with a great name only to find it has already been registered, however using your unique business usually provides a solution. Try to focus on memorability rather than length. An abbreviation of your company’s name is harder to remember than the actual name. I usually provide this service for my clients through my company and the cost is $25 per year. That way I can transfer the DNS look-up numbers directly to the server to avoid missed email confirmations and delays as well as keep track of renewal so the domain name does not expire.

What is web hosting?

Basically web hosting is like renting a storefront from a shopping mall except you don’t rent a bricks and mortar storefront, you are renting space on a computer for creating a “Virtual Storefront”.

How much does web hosting cost?

An average web hosting charge can range from $19.95 – $27.99 per month. I go through a large company and pay for reselling rights which means I can provide hosting directly to my clients at a lower cost. This saves the client from dealing with more than one company for all their web site needs. I have three hosting plans you can view here.

How much will it cost to build a web site?

There are many factors to designing a web page that can increase production time. My rate is $50 per hour. If a client has their information (text & photos) ready and they have given me all the info i need in an organized and timely manner then the cost will be lower. I have found that clients who are organized and know what they want are easier to work with and are happy with the price. Slideshow pages usually consist of flash or javascript code which is my typical $50 hourly charge to build. Usually by the end of a consultation I can give you a very close estimate as to what your site will cost.

How long will it take to build my web site?

I try to stay on task with each project but things can get confusing if communication breaks down or if materials aren’t prepared. If all materials are ready at the consultation and a tentative layout can be approved I can get a 1-5 page simple site ready for proof in a few days and up in about a week after approval. For a 6-20 page site it usually takes a few weeks. If the site is larger than 20 pages or if there is e-commerce or extra coding involved it could take longer. If you have a deadline tell me up front, if I can work in that time frame I’ll tell you at the consultation.

Can you design my web site even if I live out of town?

Yes I can. The nice thing about the internet and email is there are no boundaries to this business. Some of my out-of-towners include Vintage Fans.com in Keller, Texas, Bonmar eyeglass leashes in Atlanta, GA, AntiqueAppliances.com in Clayton GA and Cedar Ridge Plantation hunting club in Greenwood SC.

How do I get listed on the search engines?

During the consultation we will discuss search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We will go over keyword phrases, good page titles and page descriptions as well as your opening paragraphs. I will explain the importance of each as well as other promotional tactics.

How do I keep track of how many visits my site gets?

Each hosting package i provide has a control panel area where you can see all the activity your site has been getting. Hits, page views, referrers, search words, etc.

What if I have a change to my website?

Once I complete your site design it’s yours. I offer a site maintenance service which means I can update it for you based on your changes and keep all the links working. I can keep it optimized for the ever changing search engine criteria and submit it to the search engines on a monthly basis. I charge an hourly rate of $50 per hour for this. If any pages are added I charge for them as well. If I build a website with the WordPress or Joomla platform you can maintain it yourself. We can discuss these at the consultation.

What does e-commerce mean?

From a retail perspective, e-commerce allows you to accept payment for purchases through your web site. I can set you up with either credit cards or Paypal.