Web Focus Page

This is how we plan your web design project.

Here are the questions we’ll go over at the consultation. They will help you organize your thoughts and focus on what you would like you website to achieve. These questions are here for you to print out and go over at your leisure.

1. What is your main objective for your site? (one sentence)

2. List some additional objectives for your site.

3. Describe your audience and how they will be accessing your site.

4. List the addresses (URLs) of sites you have found that offer the type of information you want to create on your site (content & features).

5. List the addresses (URLs) of sites you have found that have a visual look and feel you admire (Think graphic style).

6. List five adjectives you would like your site to express (Example: sophisticated, easy, informed).

7. What is your desired deadline for having your site available publicly?

8. How should the following site constraints limit and control your site design and functionality?

Download time

  • We will sacrifice design and features in favor of speed.
  • We would like a balance of design and speed.
  • We want advanced technology and design.

9. How large do you envision your site?

  • Simple and streamlined. A few well designed pages will serve us.
  • We’ll have a lot of information initially, but will not be adding in the future.
  • We want the site to appear extensive, and will be adding content and expanding sections on a regular basis.

10. How often do you see the need for content updating (changing existing content to keep it current without adding new pages)?

  • never
  • a few times a year
  • at least once a month
  • at least twice a month
  • weekly

11. Will the site be updated by a member of your staff, or will you need web maintenance services?

  • Staff member
  • Need web maintenance service

12. Which best describes your graphic content needs?

  • We will not be using additional graphics as content.
  • We have plenty of quality licensed photography and illustrations for the site.
  • We have some licensed photography and illustrations, but will need more.
  • We will need help in finding and licensing photography and/or illustrations.

13. What are your hosting needs?

  • We will be hosting the site on our own server.
  • We have contracted hosting services for the project.
  • We will need to contract with an appropriate hosting service.
  • We would like to have Exposed Images manage our hosting needs.

14. What kinds of marketing and Web site traffic data do you need to collect?

  • Overall traffic volume
  • Most visited pages
  • Which pages visitors spend the most time on
  • Which search engines and keywords are bringing in visitors
  • Number of visitors referred from other sites
  • Other
  • None of the above

15. Do you have promotional strategies planned to bring first-time and return visitors to your site?

  • Yes
  • No

16. What kinds of Internet promotion will you need?

  • Basic search engine submission
  • Complete search engine ranking campaign.
  • Banner ads
  • E-mail campaigns
  • No Internet promotion

17. Do you have a contact person responsible for overseeing your participation in the site development who has dedicated time for this project?

18. Please list any questions you may have along with any ideas.